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The Stabilizing Serratus Anterior

We were there before COVID-19 and we will be there after, stronger than ever! The world needs our skilled and compassionate touch. I love this 3D video of Serratus Anterior – a muscle that is crucial in scapula stabilization. It does a great job of helping you understand all the different functions of this remarkable …

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Scapulae Mobility and the Obstinate Pec Minor!

The obstinate pectoralis minor (PMI) can produce a hailstorm of problems throughout the body especially in the shoulders, arm, neck and respiration. Working with it effectively goes a long way in helping you help your clients with neck and shoulder issues, breathing restrictions and even wrist and elbow pain. If the iliopsoas is the hidden …

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Four Functions of the amazing Rotator Cuff

1. Stabilizes the head of the humerus during all shoulder joint movements.2. Counteracts the upward pull of the deltoid during abduction and flexion of the humerus by exerting a downward pull on the head of the humerus.3. Decelerates the arm when you throw something or swing a golf club, etc.4. Provides movement: internal/external rotation and …

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The Secret to Resolving Your Clients Low Back Pain: Freeing the Quadratus Lumborum

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