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Continuing Education for Massage Therapists

Just like in any field, Continuing Education is the foundation of a good product, and truly, the foundation of good customer service. You feel better about yourself, and are more confident in your ability to deliver the best in massage therapy for your clients.

What are the questions you should ask when engaging in Continuing Education? Here’s a few that I think will help you to make the best decision you can for your clients and your business.

Always Invest in Quality Massage Therapist Courses

First, what is the source? Where are you getting your Continuing Education from? If you don’t ensure that the company is accredited, and that your credits will be approved by the State of Texas (or your state in which you reside), you could end up in the unenviable position of wasting your time and money.

(you can click here for Texas Home Study Massage Therapist Continuing Education Courses)

Next, how relevant is the material? Certainly you’ve experienced the unpleasant reality of engaging in a training or webinar that turned out not to be as relevant as the title made it sound.

I’ve worked very hard to pack as much knowledge and relevant material into each one of my Continuing Education Products for Massage Therapists. If you just take a look at my testimonials, you’ll see that my students love the training.

As a bonus, I have worked hard to make sure that the pricing is in line with being very affordable for the practicing Massage Therapist. How much good is a Continuing Education Seminar or Home Study Course if you can’t afford it?

Continuing Education Course Overview

You can find an overview of my courses here on my site massagepublications.com, and you can see when I’ll be available in your area to do in person seminars. These seminars are great because you can see how to implement the techniques I teach right there in person. Seeing it demonstrated is most often the most effective technique.

That’s why I love my video presentations so much. I find that these reach people much better, and are far more effective than the book alone. I believe you’ll find that to be true, as well.

Here are some titles and brief descriptions of some of my courses. If you have any questions, you can contact me here on my site or simply calling me directly at 512-833-0179.

Stretch Your Clients

Tired of doing the same old stretches you learned in massage school? Check out Peggy’s Stretch Your Clients book and DVD. There’s also a 16 CE home study course.

Releasing the Rotator Cuff

A comprehensive study of rotator cuff, the shoulder joint and shoulder girdle. There’s also a 20 CE home study course.

The Core of the Matter: Releasing the Iliopsoas and Quadratus Lumborum.

The Core of the Matter focuses on, (you guessed it!) The Core! As fundamental as your core is to your health, it’s still amazing how many clients don’t understand it, and allow themselves to get out of alignment because of that fact.

I assembled this course for my students to gain as much knowledge as possible to be able to pass on high quality help for their clients.

I have a book and a DVD on this subject, and you can find it here: “The Core of the Matter”. I also have a 24 CE home study program.

For all of these Massage Therapist Continuing Education courses, as well as the in-person seminars, I’ve striven to pack as much value as possible into each one. I am passionate about Massage Therapy and its profound ability to change the lives of our clients, and I love helping you achieve that!

Live seminars are taught on all of the above subjects.

Contact me with any questions or feedback.

“Peggy is a fabulous instructor: well prepared, connects with the students, clearly states her objectives and makes the learning effortless. Thank you indeed!”
Meg Flaskamp, Phoenix, AZ
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