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Arnica Liniment



Arnica liniment – simply, one of the best liniments on the market. It penetrates deeply and is oil free. It makes your Aaah! a long lasting experience. Soon muscle aches and pains fade away. A. Dwight Smith, MD, claims Arnica can “Cut healing time by 50-85%.” In his book, “Homeopathic Treatment of Sports Injuries”, Dr. Lyle Morgan states: “Arnica should be considered first in all cases of physical injury.” He lists Arnica’s benefits throughout the book, including: “Arnica works quickly to repair damaged blood vessels, to reduce swelling at the site of the injury, and to eliminate pain. ” Dr. Oz also recommends Arnica!

Only $15.95 plus shipping and handling.

CONTAINS: Arnica flower extract, organic grain alcohol, pure mountain rain water, menthol, wintergreen, camphor, cinnamon, cayenne, clove, and ginger.


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