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Praise for Peggy’s seminars:

“As a result of taking your course, I have improved my massages and results greatly! One month after your course, I worked on a client with very limited ROM with her left arm. She was headed for surgery, until I worked on her with your techniques. She has become one of my best clients, and I have made so many return clients mostly due to your seminar. I have recommended your seminar to my co-workers and fellow therapists I meet. Your class was a defining moment in my education and evolution to become a better massage therapist.”
– Diana Fowler, Tampa, FL
“The pelvis and specifically the psoas muscle is a tricky muscle to work with and is often times misunderstood by the medical field. Peggy Lamb’s massage and release techniques for the psoas helped me save my patient from getting an unnecessary hystertectomy.” Thanks Peggy
– Tish Sisamis, CAPP- Pelvic PT
“I attended your workshop in Alexandria, VA. I’m happy to report that I am using MANY of the stretches from class (and also the book/DVD set, which I purchased) with great success. It’s refreshing to take a continuing education class that provides me with such useful techniques. Thanks!”
– John R. Porter, Arlington, VA


“Thank you Peggy Lamb, MA, LMT, NCTMB, for reinforcing our abilities with your wisdom, knowledge and innovative techniques and VYNE Education for producing such a great course! Peggy’s approach to stabilizing and restoring the core and SI joint with osteopathic-derived muscle energy techniques and neuromuscular therapy after her unique assessment raises the bar and elevates fellow professionals to new levels in helping our clients achieve and live a pain free life! Plus I had the best lab partner ever.”
– Rod Murray, LMT and Personal Trainer (New Jersey)

Praise for Peggy’s RELEASING THE ROTATOR CUFF seminar:

“Beautiful seminar: I got two new clients! There was a wonderful mix of professions: physical therapists, occupational therapists, massage therapists and we all learned from each other. Thank you.”
– Andrea Green, Ohio
“I attended your workshop in the Denver area a few months ago & have been using the techniques you taught us. What a helpful workshop & pertinent for me as my clientele are a bit older with shoulder issues—not to mention myself!”
– Marquita Pattur, CMT Colorado

Praise for Peggy's STRETCH YOUR CLIENTS seminar:

“Great seminar!I wanted to write and let you know how much I enjoyed your seminar ….. Our patients really liked getting stretched too. Your presentation of that information was fantastic. I love meeting other practitioners that ‘get it’. Thank you”
– Dr. Wilton Guillory III Chiropractic Physician, (Alexandria, LA)
“Because of this course we have been able to introduce our clients to the stretching techniques you showed us and we are actually offering 30 minute stretching sessions as part of our personal fitness training programs. Our clients just love the stretches that you have passed on to us and we are actually making money providing these services. Thanks for doing what you do. You do it very well and it was a day well spent in Hagerstown, MD.”
– Bob Seymour/Personal Trainer
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