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The Slippery Subscap – Palpation Tip

Subscap can be a tricky muscle to work with. In my workshops I’ve discovered that approximately 80% of therapists thought they were on subscap, but were on latissimus dorsi/teres major. It’s an easy mistake to make and easily correctable. The reason for this common error is that therapists attempt to enter subscap too far inferiorly. If you do that the ribs will block you and you will mistake the fat lat for subscap. Watch this video for a “out-of-the-box” palpation tip. Also, for those of you who are ABMP members, check out my article, “The Slippery Subscap” in the January 2020 issue of Massage and Bodywork Quarterly. As a thank you to my wonderful readers, I’m offering a $25.00 discount on my Releasing the Rotator Cuff package (book and DVD) – your price only $40.90. Purchase link on the right side of your screen. Let’s create world peace one shoulder at a time!

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